Monday, October 12, 2009

Update on Char

Sorry it has been so long since my last post! It has been difficult to find time to sit down and relax... I am told my mothers everywhere to get used to this! Charlie is doing well. She had her first photo shoot and yes, I know I'm as biased as they come, but she is def model material!! She is too cute for words! We have seen Dr Chi several times since my last post to monitor her weight gain. She finally reached her birth weight on Tues (YAY!) but according to the doc its 'no good enough'. She should be gaining an ounce a day at least and she is gaining slightly less. How? I have no idea because this little oinker eats every 2 hours for an hour at a time (please refer to the beginning of the post where I said it is difficult to find free time!!) On a positive note, Charlie has the cutest little giggle! Whatever she dreams about cracks her up! I'd love to know what they dream about at 3 weeks old... clean diapers? boobies?? Either way something tickles her funny bone:) My poor little monkey is very gassy... go figure!! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...hehe (note: I am referring to her father here!) So she isn't always the happiest, sweet, angel that she can be, to say the least. She certainly gives her mommy a run for her money! So I am on a strict diet of only 'warm foods' which as I learned has NOTHING to do with the actual temperature of the food you are eating! It is a form of eastern medicine... it seems to be working. I think you are officially up to date with Charlie's status :)