Monday, December 7, 2009


Hi all! I'm so sorry it has been so incredibly long since my last update... I could rattle off a bizillion excuses but it really comes down to, I just forget!! Imagine that.. ME? FORGET?? Charlie is almost 3 months! I can't believe it! She is growing into quite the cute little lady... well she hasn't really gotten the lady part just yet, but she TOTALLY nailed the cute part! Since my last post, she went dr. chi again for her 2 month check up on 10/9/09 and weighed a measly 9lbs 2 ounces! It just isn't fair! How come when I eat every 2 hours my butt gets huge but she eats every 2 hours and hardly gains a pound... it just isn't right! Dr Chi didn't seem too concerned though... He said all of her food goes to her head because that is growing and that she is going to be a doctor and go to Harvard... and I finished that thought with 'ON A SCHOLARSHIP!!" She also grew 3 inches!! She is incredibly long... I guess that is from her daddy:) He also heard a heart murmur, but didn't seem too concerned. I'm amazed that the man can hardly hear me when I am asking him questions yet he can hear a little blurp in her heart beat:) But I have heard this about him, so I am thankful he heard it so we can keep an eye (ear) on it! Halloween came and past and my little babe was the cutest bee I have ever seen! I'll post a few so you can see too:) She recently went through a growth spurt and was painfully reminded of how difficult it was in the beginning with NO sleep and her eating every hour!! Thank goodness it was only a few days! Of course my darling timed it perfectly with me going back to work, so unfortunately my coworkers had to deal with me working with a partially functioning brain... but if you were to ask them, I'm sure they would agree that this is a common thing! (now i have an excuse to have no brain.. B.C. ((before charlie)) I had to use the good 'ol dumb blonde

excuse!! I've officially worked 3 days now, and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be... I mean miss her incredibly, but I'm thankful for the little break I get... I'm sure I will be devastated when she starts doing her 'firsts' with someone other than me! But until then, I am A-ok:) Besides when I get home I get all the cuddle time I want crunched into a few hours! Well, Char should be waking up soon, so I gotta get going.. Will try to post soon