Thursday, January 14, 2010

A few pics for ya!

Here is an old one I forgot to post in my last blog from Halloween

"I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee..."
I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee...

And an newer one...
I'm 4 months old today
I'm 4 months today!

Charlie is rolling over!!!

As the title says, my baby girl has finally figured out how to roll over!! She hates being on her belly, so she took the initiative to fix it! (she gets that from me!!!) She would cry whenever we would have 'tummy time', but not anymore! She is so proud of herself :0 When she rolls over she looks up at you and you had better have an exaggerated reaction or else she gets mad!! So she has the tummy to back down pat, but we are still working on the back to front... she is so close. She just gets hung up on her arm. Just to bring everyone up to date, the holidays were tough on Cha-Cha. She is anti-social (she gets this from her dad!!) and HATES being around a lot of people... needless to say, family functions were BRUTAL! I spent most of Christmas Day and New Years Eve in the bedroom trying to soothe the poor thing... I hope she will grow out of this soon, so that people other than me and Dan can enjoy her too:) We went for Charlie's 4 month checkup and she grew yet again. My lanky baby now measures 25 inches and weighs 11 lbs!! That puts her in the 75th percentile for height and the 3rd percentile for weight!! o boy!! Dr. Chi heard a heart murmur again, so he sent us for an EKG and an echocardiogram. Sounds easy, right? Perhaps for the average, happy dispositioned baby... and we all know Charlie is not a happy baby! Well, what should have taken us 15 min took 2 hours!! I'm pretty sure the technician wanted to kill us! Hopefully she got enough pictures of her heart so we don't have a repeat performance. I call it a performance because if anyone were to walk by the room, they would have thought we were torturing her... After the EKG (which came after the echo), we had to remove the stickers that were all over her chest and arms. You would think this would make her scream louder... NOPE! She started laughing... it was pretty much all a game for her... 'hmmm how can I stress my mommy out today??' She is a piece of work I tell you! We won't find out any results for another week or 2. Please pray that everything is ok. Dan's parents bought us the Flip camera for Christmas, so as soon as I can figure out how to upload the video of her rolling over I will post it on here.