Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy 1/2 Bday CGR!

Charlie had her 18m check-up on Wed and in preparation for it, I did what I always do... Make a list of annoying questions  and all of her recent milestones.  As I was sitting at work making a list of all the words she says, as I knew he would ask me the exact #, I couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness and randomness of them... It really is a reflection of me and the words that I say most often.. Apparently I say: ick, ew, yuck, oh no!, a lot!! Yes, my daughter loves to point to a piece of hair or random dirt pile that the dogs drug in while saying any of these words. And woe to the person who does not clean it up immediately. I find it comical, but it gets kinda embarrassing when we are out somewhere or at someone's house... You are officially warned, Charlie demands her surroundings be immaculate. She says a total of 27 words, which Dr. Chi said is at a 2 year old level.. I was not kidding when I said she has the gift of gab. Dr. Chi said she 'passed all of my tests' so I guess that means she is allowed to get older...He also said that based on her current stats, at 20 years old, she is projected to be 110 lbs and 5'9'' to which he said 'Sorry mama',—still not sure what that was supposed to me?!?!?! I found myself wondering, "did I just get 'dissed by my daughter's ped??" My next thought was "Is it terrible that I am going to hate my 20 year old daughter for having the body of a supermodel??" ha! O yea and she needs to be off the bottle by 21 months and potty trained by our next visit.. in 6 months... Those are awfully lofty goals Dr. Chi... Lofty. Goals.

Here is a recent pic of Charlie, me and my friend Cara at our friend's grand opening. She has the BEST spice shop. They literally have EVERYTHING.. Dan and I are obsessed... Check it out Savory Spice

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chatty Charlie

So Charlie has the gift of gab... another thing she gets from yours truly :) Here is a video of her talking to her friends on her phone

Friday, January 28, 2011

Apple Issue

Hi All!! I'm so sorry for being such a blog slacker. All is well at the Russell home. The holidays were absolutely awesome, BUT we have been dealing with some apple issues aka the apple has not fallen FAR enough from the tree! haha (I stubbled across this saying somewhere and it describes our situation to a T!) There are only a handful of people who know the real truth about my 'tude. Luckily, I think I've outgrown it... however, it took about oh, I don't know 20 years. (emphatic sigh). When I was younger my mother would wish I had a daughter just like me which at the time I thought was AWESOME! Fast forward a bunch of years and welcome Charlie Grace Russell. The real victim here is my poor husband. I mean really, those Russell genes are strong, but they lost the fight to my 'Beast Woman' attitude. Um, yea beast woman was my nickname growing up... not schnookums, peanut, love bug- just beast woman. So the battle of the queen bee has begun. Charlie now decides what she wants to wear and woe to the person who doesn't abide. Sometimes it is two outifts, one on top of the other. Sometimes it is just a hat to accessorize.
As long as the hat is on we are happy...

Dare to take it off and feel the wrath of C.G.R...

I'm currently reading every book I can get my hands on to learn how to parent a 'Strong-willed' or 'Spirited' toddler. In the meantime, I've resorted to slavery... that's right folks. And if she keeps it up she'll be scruba-a-dub dubbin' the floor with her toothbrush! ha!

I'm just kidding. Really it's all good. I adore this little girl and love her lil 'tude-most of the time. Here's a cute little clip at her teasing her fav Eska-bear. I mean you just can't help but laugh :)