Monday, November 22, 2010

Suzi Homemaker

Yep! That's me.. Suzi Homemaker... well not really, I won't respond to the name Suzi (ok. fine. I would, but begrudgingly...) and I wish I were a homemaker as in a SAHM... but I do think a play a role in making our house a home... especially with these new curtains! Yep, I made this beauty all by myself!  (Can you tell I'm very proud of this accomplishment?) 

Of course it wouldn't be me if there wasn't a ridic story attached... So allow me to set the stage... Dan was working nights and Charlie was spending the night at Grandma Russell's (I had a dentist appt and she was watching her the next day it was easier this way...) I had the night husband and baby free! Sounds like a vacation, right? So early in the morning I was envisioning myself sitting in front of the TV with a glass of wine (read: bottle) in hand catching up on my absurd list of shows that I never have time to watch. As the day progressed, this vision morphed into something dark... I decided I was going to paint the kitchen. Bonus: I would surprise Dan! This is the only room that hasn't been graced with a fresh coat of paint since we moved in... it was long overdue. There was a spackled area next to the stove that would taunt me as I walked up the stairs... u-g-l-y. I went to the store by my work and picked out a perfect greige (gray/beige) shade. (I am the most indecisive person, so this was a very difficult task for me!) I loaded up on all of the supplies and I was good. to. go. After my dentist appt. I putzed around at my mom's with my sister. I mean, I was baby AND husband free... I just went where the wind took me.. well not really, she had food and I was hungry. So! after that I went home and decided to start this project at 10:00 pm. I mean how long could it take?? There isn't a lot of surface area to paint... I just have to tape. Yea, taping took me almost 2 hours. Then I needed to do two coats... of both the edging and rolling... yikes! 3:00 am I finally finished :) I set it up all HGTV style.. minus the things on the wall. I could hardly sleep I was so excited for Dan to see it! I swear it felt like Christmas Eve!! I call Dan on my way to work... we talk as he is driving home. He tells me he is home and that he'll call me later! I was giddy with excitement!! After about 10 mins... still no call! Hmmm.. I called Dan this is how the convo went:

Me: Hey!
Dan: Hey! I was just going to call you... 
Me: Oh?
Dan: Yea, the kitchen looks great!
Me: Oh thanks! You like the color??
Dan: You painted?
Me: (sigh)

No, Dan didn't not notice that I changed the paint from an off white to a gray (or smell it for that matter), there was nothing on the walls, no light switch covers were on and the spackled area was now gone. He did, however, notice that I cleaned off the butcher block (which is usually covered with junk mail and random baby paraphernalia) Folks, this is the person that I am trusting to protect me from the bad guys... I'm scared, very scared. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

October Round Up!

Some how October got away from me... Here is a recap of what went down at Casa de Russell...We had pics with ACP (We're down with ACP, yea you know me.. sorry, I had to..) Charlie was in one her moods.. and that mood did not consist of sitting still.. I was actually SHOCKED how many cute pics Anne captured... never ceases to amaze :) Here are a few of my favs!

I could pick a bazillion more... but this post is already going to be too long!

Charlie has fallen deeply in love with Eska... she likes Finn, but LURVES her Eska-bear... I think the feeling is mutual. Eska seems to be in heaven as Charlie rips out her fur (which btw, she learned from her dad... that is how Dan 'pets' her. Oi vey!)

My friend Heather got Charlie this for her 1st bday. Her name is Rody. (which is an odd coincidence because Dan had a Grandpa Rody (sp?) I never had the pleasure of meeting him, but his legacy lives on ;) One prob with this though... Charlie thinks Eska can be like Rody sometimes (bouncy)... Eska is not fond of this confusion...

And last but not least... here is a video of Charlie walkin around with her tentacles!! haha This costume cracks me up!!

I hope you had a great October!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Got-2-Be Smarter Than The Baby

This is what runs through my head whenever Charlie comes close to outsmarting me. I have to share my latest conquer... I have all of these adorable beenie type winter hats for Charlie adorned with cutesy ribbons and bows that I couldn't wait to put on her as last year her head was too small (which is a shock considering we've already established she has a bobble head see here). Alas! It is freezing! I can now break out these little beauties!! I put one on her head and as I was about to swoon and ooh and ahh... she rips it off so violently that I can almost hear the methodical, evil laugh that would complement her actions so nicely. The nerve!!! Needless to say, she refuses to wear hats... between you and me I think she is doing it out of spite...what's that you say? A 14 month old doesn't have the ability to know... you must come take visit to the Russell home soon.. you will not believe your eyes! Anyway, back to me winning... although I am still hopeful she will wear the other hats, I worked up a cute substitute for the time being... here's a shot of her modeling my creation. It ties at the chin, so try as she might, this sucker isn't coming off!! Mommy -1 Charlie- 0

Funny side note... The pattern said it fit 'most toddlers'. Since Charlie has the same size head as a 2 year old, I had to tweak it a bit!! haha I also embellished it with a flower ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Favorite Halloween Treat!

If you would have asked me 5 years ago what my favorite Halloween treat would be in 2010 I would have responded with absolute certainty and conviction... SNICKERS! Hands down best candy bar ever.  Despite that fact, there is no way you could have convinced the 2005-Susan that in five years my answer would be Octopus... but I must say my Chachi looks scrudiliumptious! Here are a few pics :)