Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am out of the running for the Mother of the Year award for 2010

I took Charlie to see Dr. Chi yesterday for her 9 month check up (a little early) and the poor baby has an ear infection in her right ear! I took her about a month ago because she was pulling on her ears, but they were clear... this time there was NO pulling, but an infection, go figure! Clearly, I have no idea how to read this kid... Dr. Chi said when babies under 1 year old get an ear infection it is due to either environment (daycare, etc) or genetics... in this case it is the latter... THANK YOU DADDY! Dan had such bad ear infections as a baby he had to get tubes :( I hope this is a one time only event, but according to Dr. Chi (a wealth of statistics) 90% of babies under 12 months that get ear infections will get another in the next 3 months... YIKES! In the meantime, Charlie is on Augmentin 2x a day and must take a probiotic 3 times a day (the same probiotic I took 1 x a day when I had thrush). I feel so bad for her, but she is a little trouper! You would never know her inner ear looks like a 'dunkin donut's bagel' (Dr. Chi's words!!) O and today my good friend Kristen is watching Charlie to help out because my mom is out of town... Kristen is almost 8 months preggers!! Of all the days for Charlie to be sick (and most likely miserable)!!! btw, it is supposed to be 88 degrees today and we have no A/C! Kristen may die!

O and side note... charlie is a bobble head! She was in the 10th percentile for weight, 75% for height and 95% for the size of her head!! haha That is one big brain in there :)


  1. Poor Charlie! At least it's getting taken care of, so she should feel better soon. I can't wait until these kids can talk because then we'll really know what's going on in their heads! Is your A/C broken or do you just have none in the house? I feel for you, girl. My door is always open if you want to come over and cool off for a little bit. Poor Kristen can come over too! 8 months...I remember those days. I was sweating bullets in November!

  2. I WISH it were broken because then we could just get it fixed!! Our windows are too small to put in units (the windows are wide enough, but don't open high enough) and the other windows are crank out... Last summer we bought one of those free standing a/c units that vent out the window... but even though it is the highest btu's u can buy it just takes the humidity out.. i def wouldnt use the word 'cool'!! Kristen took cha-cha on a few errands so im sure she was able to cool off a bit!