Friday, September 24, 2010

A few small steps for Chachi

Here are two videos from the other day... she has already improved so much from this!! It's crazy! She has been able to walk for awhile now, but she hasn't had the confidence to take steps by herself. As soon as she would realize no one was holding onto her she would plop right down! She is so proud of herself!! I love the 2nd one where she is dragging around a bag... this is her fav thing to do because she thinks she is holding onto something that will help her walk!! Oh Charlie, you are so...pretty!! haha

She looks like a bit of a ragamuffin here but still such a cutie!


Charlie is a mighty sensitive little lady! She simply cannot stomach the word "NO!" she just breaks down... so sad! She is obsessed with Eska and Finn's food and water but knows that she is not allowed to play with it. This is evil but I had to get a video of her 'sly' attempt to pull one over on me... watch as she creeps closer and closer looking up at me... sneaky I tell you! Then when I say 'HEY!" it evokes such hysterics! O she is such a drama queen!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The 'Landslide' Metamorphosis

As a 'lil one, I remember sitting in the back seat of my Dad's Jeep Cherokee listening to Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide' (my Mom was way more hip... we always jammed out to Linda Rondstadt!!) The lyrics "I've been afraid of changin' cause I built my life around you. But time makes you bolder, children get older, I'm getting older, too" always stuck with me. I remember feeling insta-anxious in that I didn't want ANYTHING to change... it was scary...You may think this is ridiculous for me to understand the magnitude of these lyrics... but I have youngster diary entries to prove it! (I may lose some cred if you were to flip through the pages, as I had a new 'love of my life' every week...) I swear I was wise beyond my years. There is a chance that I peaked at 7, but I digress.

As a teenager, this song brought on new meaning... I remember driving around in my '88 red Volkswagon Fox (4-speed baby!) listening to this song on the radio, sobbing! Ah, how the pangs of unrequited love were so fierce!! It seems funny, almost ridiculous now, that those lyrics helped alleviate some of the heartache I was going through. I was convinced this was the true meaning of the song...

Now that I am yet another phase of my life—married with child—it has taken on a different form. I'm sure I don't need to spell it out of you...

Kleenex in five, four, three...

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Charlie's B-day pics are in!

Charlie's 'Shrine' Table.. note the huge scrapbook made by yours truly... def a labor of love!

Her own personal smash cake!

Did you make Charlie's Bday wish come true??

Centerpieces... gotta love mason jars :)

Ok, so it was like a mini wedding...

Lemonade anyone?
nothing says shabby chic like a bunting banner

the birthday girl's scepter

Cake, cake, and more cake!

Dessert table pre-desserts...

Wraps :)

deeeeelish sliders

rice crispy treat = classic

Cake Pops
Cream Puffs!
Although a few things are missing, this is the most complete pic we have of the table... peeps just couldn't help themselves to all these goodies!

The lady of the day!

One of my faves :)
Not too sure about everyone looking at her!!


The favor... awesome chocolate bark! Thanks for the recipe Donnie Pine!

Charlie's 1st birthday party was a crazy day! I was all over the place :) I did have a lot of fun planning and can't wait to plan more parties :) I couldn't have done it without my awesome friends and family. Special thanks to Charlie's Glama, Grandma, Great Aunt Jane, Aunt Head, Aunt Neen for their countless hours helping prep for this party! And I can't forget Ellie the centerpiece-maker and Jess who was my friend hand chica the day of! I'm sure I missed a few, but know that I am so thankful! As I mentioned in the last post photos were taken by Dana ( 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sneak Peek

I'm still trying to recuperate from Charlie's bday party! It was a ton of work, but so much fun :) Thank God for such a beautiful day! We had a total of 90 peeps! I was too afraid to look at the weather forecast until the day before for obvious reasons!! I asked Dana to snap a few pics of all the details of the day as I knew I would be running around like a wild woman... She has a real eye for all things vintage and since Charlie's part-ay's theme was shabby chic with a touch of vintage, I knew she'd be perfect for the job :) I can't wait to see the pics! Here's one Dana sent to me a message asking if she can put it on her site :) (she recently launched her biz, check her out )

More to come...soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Charlie is One!

It is hard to believe that this time last year I was in the hospital awaiting the best gift I have ever received. I think back to the things that were running through my mind.. "I wonder if it's a boy or a girl? What will he/she look like? What are we going to name him if its a boy!?!" I think it is safe to say, I truly underestimated the significance of it all. I mean, I knew I was going to have a baby and that's a pretty big deal, but the whirlwind of emotions and life-changes that would shortly ensue weren't even a drop in the bucket of my thoughts. The moment when the doctor placed her in my arms is forever etched in my heart. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. In that instant, Dan and I became a family.

A friend of mine called to congratulate me on her birth and said the truest, most heart wrenching words to me, "Congrats Sue, now part of your heart is on the outside".  That summed up exactly how I felt. I wanted the world to see, but at the same time I felt vulnerable and needed to protect her from the scary things in this world. I'm sure this feeling will carry through my entire life.

It is hard to imagine what life was like without my Chachi. Yes, it was only a year ago, but honestly what did I think about before?? I have no idea!! Thoughts about our family consume my mind. As most of you know, Charlie was not planned. Well, I should say she wasn't in mine or Dan's immediate plans.  Clearly, she was in God's plan. It's like she was put on this earth to remind me He really does know what He's doing up there! Dan and I dated for just a few months before we got engaged and then shortly married. Our friends thought we were nuts! All we could say is 'it just feels... right." I can say the same for Charlie. Even though she was colicky and didn't stop crying... ever, it always felt right to have her. It's like I never knew something was missing until I found it (applies to both Dan and Char!). *note* Dan will probably be mad at me that I didn't throw the dogs in there too and although I love them dearly... it just isn't the same! Looking back on the past year, it's hard to remember the many-a-sleepless-nights walking up and down the hallway trying to soothe an inconsolable baby.  What I do see is the first time she smiled at me, the first time she reached for me, I hear 'Ah-goo' and the first time she said 'Ma-Ma'. All the doubts that I have in myself for being a flawed human being, there is one thing I know for sure— I must've done something right to deserve such a blessing.

Now that I am a sobbing mess at work... here are a few pics from her 1st bday shoot :)