Monday, November 8, 2010

Got-2-Be Smarter Than The Baby

This is what runs through my head whenever Charlie comes close to outsmarting me. I have to share my latest conquer... I have all of these adorable beenie type winter hats for Charlie adorned with cutesy ribbons and bows that I couldn't wait to put on her as last year her head was too small (which is a shock considering we've already established she has a bobble head see here). Alas! It is freezing! I can now break out these little beauties!! I put one on her head and as I was about to swoon and ooh and ahh... she rips it off so violently that I can almost hear the methodical, evil laugh that would complement her actions so nicely. The nerve!!! Needless to say, she refuses to wear hats... between you and me I think she is doing it out of spite...what's that you say? A 14 month old doesn't have the ability to know... you must come take visit to the Russell home soon.. you will not believe your eyes! Anyway, back to me winning... although I am still hopeful she will wear the other hats, I worked up a cute substitute for the time being... here's a shot of her modeling my creation. It ties at the chin, so try as she might, this sucker isn't coming off!! Mommy -1 Charlie- 0

Funny side note... The pattern said it fit 'most toddlers'. Since Charlie has the same size head as a 2 year old, I had to tweak it a bit!! haha I also embellished it with a flower ;)

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  1. I love it. I whipped out Julian's winter hat a few days ago also thinking he was going to pull it off. To my surprise, it stayed on. The kid loves hats! I'm so surprised Charlie takes them off though because she always keeps those pretty bows in her hair. I say you keep trying until she gets used to it! Too cute!